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Religion and Computers 2005
Christianity is Linux
Countless versions exist, with most of them sharing common ideals. Founded on the principle that any person can modify the code in any way they see fit and present it as a competing product. This has resulted in countless distributions vying for space on hard disks. In the West, there has been a drive to reduce the effort needed to install Linux in order to increase its user base. Derived from Unix. Not as popular in English-speaking countries as the developers would like, but spreading fast in the developing world. The decision by American and Canadian Linux distributors to allow homosexuals to contribute to the source code has caused uproar among traditionalists. They insist that while Linus Torvald loves homosexuals, there's no way in hell he'd want them to go anywhere near the source code.
Judaism is Unix
Disciples of Unix can often be seen with large beards. Hard to understand and sometimes eccentric, the followers of this operating system claim
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Conservative Election Poster by kronix Conservative Election Poster :iconkronix:kronix 10 39
Don't trust Linux zealots 1.01
Windows User has entered chatroom: help
Windows User: Hey, can I get some help? I keep getting an error message when I try to run Photoshop CS.
Linux User: Switch to Linux.
Windows User: Isn't it a bit extreme to change my operating system because of the error in Photoshop? All I want to know is how to fix the error.
Linux User: Look, I'm going to give it to you straight. Microsoft are terrible when it comes to security. For your own sake, switch to Linux so you don't get infected by viruses or trojans.
Windows User: But I never open any unwanted email attachments, and besides I have a virus scanner which I update daily plus a firewall. Do I really need to use Linux?
Linux User: Microsoft want to take over the entire software market, and the internet. If they succeed, it will make life hell for all of us who use open-source software instead of Micro$oft's proprietary software.
Windows User: What is open-source and proprietary soft
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Furry porn devID for Clubs by kronix Furry porn devID for Clubs :iconkronix:kronix 20 186 devART Funny Notes Compilation by kronix devART Funny Notes Compilation :iconkronix:kronix 67 116
Religion Compared to Computers
:bulletred::pointr:Christianity is Linux
Many different variations. Some distros have little if nothing in common, and there are three main distros in circulation at the moment. Derived from Unix. A fast way of getting things done, but prone to rogue distros. Some take pain and effort to install via a text-based installation, others require no effort to get up and running.
:bulletred::pointr:Judaism is Unix
Often advocates of Unix can be seen with large beards. They can be hard to understand, and may sometimes appear eccentric, but they get the job done. Hard to master, which is why Unix gurus are few and far between in the modern world. Users of Unix have dwindled in number since Linux was introduced.
:bulletred::pointr:Islam is OSX
Seems fundamentally different from the other two but is quite similar. Shares some elements from Unix and Linux. Source code is strictly proprietary, i.e. it\'s not open source. Users of OSX argue you have to experience it for yourself
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The Ultimate Flame Form 2003
[ ] Horny Teenager
[ ] Horny Old Man
[ ] Horny Old Woman
[ ] Clueless n00b
[ ] Clueless Veteran
[ ] Chronic Spammer
[ ] Jealous Scumbag
[ ] Johnny or Jenny Do-Gooder
[ ] Menace to Society
[ ] Wannabe hacker
[ ] Stupid thread starter
[ ] Stupid thread reviver
[ ] Brainless sheep
[ ] Clever Bastard
[ ] Jack the Ripper
[ ] Troll under my bridge
[ ] Anti-social alien
[ ] Whiny Biatch
[ ] Annoying Boaster
[ ] Ignorant Asshole
[ ] Pompous Asswipe
[ ] Fruit of my loins
[ ] Error of God
[ ] Deviant Stalker
[ ] Disturbing Psychotic
[ ] Wannabe sex god
[ ] Amateur Wrestler
[ ] sub-human mystery of nature
You Are Being Flamed Because:
[ ] You posted a "MY COUNTRY RULEZ" message
[ ] You posted an "I'M SO SEXY" message
[ ] You posted a "WHY DON'T PEOPLE COMMENT ON MY WORK" message
[ ] You posted an "EVERYBODY SUCKS" message
[ ] You posted a "DEVIANTART SUCKS" message
[ ] You've posted in the wrong forum
[ ] You've posted in the wrong thread
[ ] You revived a long dead thread
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The Official Ode to the Forums
I can't stand to see another thread,
beating a horse that's already dead.
Do you like "s3ks" and what does art mean?
A poorhorse cult for illiterate teens.
The forum descriptions must be Greek,
or maybe the newbies only read 1337.
The Welcome Center to get a tour.
Thumbshare Forum for commentwhores.
'Deviator' no longer exists
(The Forum's still there 'cause jark insists)
Don't post there- it's useless you know
Read the thread that tells you so.
Elite ForumWhores: they're better than you.
Accept it now you know it's true;
If you see a lot of the Blank Stare guy
stupidity is the reason why.
For those with a brain that can't be found
watch out for curran if he's around.
With legendary wit and sarcastic replies
he cleans up the forums (or at least he tries).
We interupt this poem to distinguish
that "kewl" and "k@wa1i!!1!1" are not English.
If those are in your vocabulary
please buy yourself a dictionary.
Do you think you are a squirrel
instead of a normal boy or girl?
Do y
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I see people are still visiting my page. Why? :|


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